Industries where we are present

Our company’s customer portfolio includes leading national and international companies in the fields of Construction, Land Movement, Mining and diverse Engineering studios. This fact is a guarantee of success for everyone, our users employ benchmark applications that are standard in large companies in the industry.

In the last few years there has been a strong tendency to implement our tools. The main reason why many professionals prefer using our applications is because they have been used successfully by many different private companies and public institutions. Nobody wants to lag behind and miss the opportunity of being more competitive and speaking an increasingly common language.

It is also worth noting that our programme is present in the public administrations, both national and regional ones. We are currently the standard software of town councils, regional governments and the major road administrations. We have also been selected by land transport infrastructure managers and hydrographic confederations.

University presence

ISTRAM has always been present in polytechnic universities, allowing students to learn by using standard software and thus completing their final degree projects. Many of them thus obtain the experience and resumé sought by the leading companies in the sector. We are present in most university colleges of civil engineering, public works technical engineering, topography and geodesy, technical and higher mining engineering, forestry, agricultural and environmental engineering. If you are interested, please ask us how to obtain educational licences, teaching material or send us your queries or needs, by filling out the following form.

Would you like to learn about a specific case?

We could have included in this site an endless list of customers, which would have been quite boring. Out of respect for them and because this is no longer done, we would prefer that you contact our sales force. Our colleagues will be able to provide you with all the information you require. Please contact them. You can rest assured that the major construction companies and engineering consultants are already longstanding customers of ours. If you know anyone working for them, ask them about us.