ISTRAM Product Development


Our commitment to our customers and the purpose of our company is to create tools that serve the whole civil work project, taking into account all the elements or phases comprising it. This is why we continuously examine the need to create new functionalities, some of which are proposed by our customers.

ISTRAM includes in its update and maintenance contracts the possibility of enjoying 100% of the programme functionalities at no extra cost. Our customers? suggestions are carefully analysed and programmed within a few days or if they are of a greater magnitude, they are considered developments and are therefore assigned more resources.

These are some of the operating lines on which we are currently working and which we will soon be offering users. Please contact us if you require further information.

POCKET-PC and GPS application

The development department and the engineering unit are working on the design of a multipurpose application for pocket pc ( under Windows ce or Windows mobile systems ) that enables two-way communications with ISTRAM.

The data gathered by a connected GPS are compiled by the system, viewed and stored in order to be later downloaded and used as cartographic, topographic or civil work design data. We are also researching other more advanced functionalities to be communicated when the development is completed.

Support tools to conduct road safety audits

ISTRAM already provides tools that allow verifying tracing standards according to various parameters which are increasingly being used by our customers.

One of the lines of work of the RDI (research & development & innovation) team is to examine current needs in this area and communicate them to the development team. We are also receiving collaboration in this regard from our customers, concerned about the growing need to present appropriate technical reports.

How can you request a new and specific development

ISTRAM can collaborate with its customers in the development of various types of tools. Depending on their scope and other strategic issues, technical and financial agreements are signed. This provides a full development team with which you can contemplate technical outsourcing.

Please contact us through the usual channels.

Remember that if you wish to make any comments on any of the functional areas of the application you can fill in ( only registered customers and users ) the form at your disposal in the innovation area..