About the program

If you are thinking about buying ISTRAM, you may want to look at the information provided here, which aims to reply to some of the most frequently asked questions received by our technical and sales departments.

If after reviewing this information, you still have queries we have not clarified, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be delighted to help you.

The programme’s modular structure allows investing according to each customer’s needs. The digital cartography module is the “driver” of the programme, without which the rest of the applications cannot operate. The other parts of the programme (see features) can be added as needed.

ISTRAM offers a pricing policy aligned with market laws. When a company wishes to buy a considerable number of licences, it receives a reduced price, which varies according to the volume contracted. Our sales department is at your disposal. Ask us.

The data automated by the application are 100% compatible between versions, which means that projects calculated in an older version of ISTRAM can be loaded with no problem at all. Unlike other applications, our developers pay special attention to maintain this functionality.

The programme licences (comprising one or several modules) are associated to an annual maintenance contract (which must be renewed to be able to benefit from the associated services), providing the right to an unlimited downloading of the version posted on our web site, unlimited technical assistance online and by telephone and access to all contents posted on our web site.

Other developers sell each annual licence at a similar price to the original one. We offer, for a much lower price, the possibility of using the programme?s latest version. Naturally, if you do not renew the maintenance contract, you lose these rights.

In any case, when a licence is reactivated, we try to make the financial burden for our customer as light as possible, since we believe there may have been various reasons for not continuing the service.

ISTRAM is a powerful tool with thousands of functions. Our help desk arose with the aim of resolving any possible query by telephone, from the most elementary to the most complex. If for whatever reason you reach a critical point in your project, our technicians will be able to help you immediately.

The quality of this service is one of our hallmarks and one of the features that differentiate us from our competitors. If you are not one of our customers you will know what we mean.

Although the application is very intuitive, to facilitate learning we offer classroom courses: elementary, advanced and specific. Our instructors adapt and give courses using the latest teaching technologies, allowing you to use the programme successfully in record time.