Introduction course

Project Description

Introduction course

These are instructions on this test curso.cursos ISTRAM3

For each course, we must create the record in the classroom courses” and link to this script as input. This entry can put whatever you want, including:

  • Course Description
  • Important notes
  • Contact Form
  • Price, forms and / or payment buttons
    links to external files (PDF or other)

Each script like this will be classified in the categories training’ and ‘classroom training’. If the script was an online course, you go in the categories training’ and ‘e-learning’.

If we present the registration form on this page, we have to write to the editor the corresponding shortcode:

[ contact-form-7 id=”2235″ title=”Contact classroom training” ]

I do not recommend separating into two parts “script” of registration” and that will give you twice the work in maintaining / creating content and adds nothing.

    Request more information about the course

    Name (requested)

    E-mail (requested)