Our history

The ISTRAM ® products family is and has been developed in a business environment where different professionals in civil engineering and information technology are involved. Nowadays, construction processes are developed by a multidisciplinary team which is reflected in our company. Our applications are developed according to the needs of our customers.

Buhodra Ingeniería, S.A. is the corporate group responsible for the financial and administrative management, which organizes the necessary human and material resources so that ISTRAM applications reaches the customer in the most professional way.

We have been solving problems to our clients since 1991; therefore 20 years of success. At the present time, a strong international expansion policy plans to extend this successful and productivity experience to professional all over the world.

Currently, we have presence with branch offices in Spain, Portugal, Poland, Romania and Colombia, and through partners in Chile, Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala and other Latin American countries.

What we do

The area in which we include our applications is now called AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction); and we have inserted two more acronyms SIG / 3D, to cover the other aspects that may be part of any project. From here we recommend you visit our “Istram” and “Customer” sections and download all the information we provide.

The activity of engineers and surveyors has always demanded a tool to design and control the construction of civil engineering projects. We have relied on them to offer a software that is probably the most intuitive, versatile and powerful worldwide, the satisfaction of our customers is our best guarantee.

If you are about to purchase one of our applications is probably because someone has spoken very well of our products.

From this initial idea, ISTRAM ® has been growing to cover the widest range of features, according to the needs of the market, the introduction of quality systems and the increasing demand of management tools for any type of activity in engineering studies and construction companies.

Buhodra Ingeniería, S.A. has been carrying out several years of expansion and growth, doubling its staff and establishing sales offices in Spain and abroad. In these years the functionalities of our applications have greatly improved, reaching levels of productivity highly appreciated by our customers.

Our next technical objective is to integrate our applications in a work global environment , including the possibility of inserting multidisciplinary work teams and also they are not necessarily in the same location.

As part of this globalization, ISTRAM family will provide in a near future the appropriate tool to carry out each and every one of the engineering and management elements involved in each phase of a civil engineering work. All in the same working environment without having several application disconnected from each other .

Our custumers

Our company?s customer portfolio includes leading national and international companies in the fields of Construction, Land Movement, Mining and diverse Engineering studios. This fact is a guarantee of success for everyone, our users employ benchmark applications that are standard in large companies in the industry.

In the last few years there has been a strong tendency to implement our tools. The main reason why many professionals prefer using our applications is because they have been used successfully by many different private companies and public institutions. Nobody wants to lag behind and miss the opportunity of being more competitive and speaking an increasingly common language.

It is also worth noting that our programme is present in the public administrations, both national and regional ones. We are currently the standard software of town councils, regional governments and the major road administrations. We have also been selected by land transport infrastructure managers and hydrographic confederations.

ISTRAM has always been present in polytechnic universities, allowing students to learn by using standard software and thus completing their final degree projects. Many of them thus obtain the experience and resumé sought by the leading companies in the sector. We are present in most university colleges of civil engineering, public works technical engineering, topography and geodesy, technical and higher mining engineering, forestry, agricultural and environmental engineering. If you are interested, please ask us how to obtain educational licences, teaching material or send us your queries or needs, by filling out the following form
We could have included in this site an endless list of customers, which would have been quite boring. Out of respect for them and because this is no longer done, we would prefer that you contact our sales force. Our colleagues will be able to provide you with all the information you require. Please contact them. You can rest assured that the major construction companies and engineering consultants are already longstanding customers of ours. If you know anyone working for them, ask them about us.


Probably, if you are thinking about buying one of our applications or if you are already a customer, you will be wondering what we are doing to continuously improve and thus ensure that your investment is profitable and productive. This section details the commitment we establish to our customers and which provides an added value envied by other companies.

  • Leadership and trust

    ISTRAM is currently an industry leader. If you join us you will be a part of a large community of users spread worldwide. This trust is essential to invest in software. We offer it through our customer satisfaction.

    For several years now, the trust of our users has been our best introduction. We don?t sell promises, we sell facts and future options. We sell tools to achieve results and meet job deadlines.

  • Service commitment to our users

    From the first licence we sold, at ISTRAM we have been offering a daily service with which our customers can benefit from the improvements and new functionalities continuously being developed. All of our customers, with no exception, can contact our developers and support technicians to express their needs and requests for improvement.

    Technical assistance is contemplated as a working philosophy and our purpose. Our support department will listen to your problems and will resolve from the simplest question up to the most complicated one. We advice our customers on the best way to conceive the design of a project or implement the proper administration policy for quality and/or construction data.


  • ISTRAM applications are always alive and available

    Unlike other applications that migrate, change versions and disappear, ISTRAM is evolving day to day. Our customers present their own development requests, for which they receive a personal and direct service. Contrary to what happens with other products which need to wait for an annual review, our upgrades are available the moment they are programmed.

    Please remember that the full availability of our support department is a decisive factor in order to profit from a fee or maintenance service. Our customers never stop their work longer than is absolutely necessary for us to programme the functionality requested. It is normally available in 24 hours and in just a few days for more complex developments.

  • We work together with our customers to deliver solutions

    In today’s business environment, the demand of productivity is greater all the time. The calculation and measurement capabilities of our products are developed aiming for effectiveness and time reduction. Users of any ISTRAM application, ISPOL, ISCEO or ISLAB, waste no time in mechanical or tedious tasks because these are conducted by the applications.